Allergy resources for schools

We have put a collection of educational videos together which you may find useful when discussing allergy topics in the classroom.

Living with an allergy

The video shown describes what it’s like to live with an allergy from a child’s point of view. Play the video in a lesson to help peers develop an understanding of how an allergy can affect people emotionally not just physically.Material from – reproduced by kind permission of the BBC.

What is a food allergy?

Find out what a food allergy is and the top nine allergens that can trigger an allergic reaction. In the video we’ll visit a supermarket to find out why it is so important for people with food allergies to always read the ingredient labels.

Why do allergic reactions occur?

We take a look at the immune system that protects us from germs and diseases, but some people’s immune systems think that certain foods are the baddies. See what happens inside the body when an allergic reaction occurs, and what symptoms this can cause.

How to avoid cross contamination

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s safe to eat! Find out why washing your hands is so important, and how to keep allergens away from safe food. Learn about food hygiene and why stopping the spread of allergens and micro-organisms can keep everyone safe and well.

Keep friends with food allergies safe!

It might seem kind to share your food with a friend, but not if they have a food allergy. Learn what you can do to avoid friends having an allergic reaction, the common symptoms it can cause, and what to do if a reaction happens.

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