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Top 5 myths about anaphylaxis

  1. Allergy tests can predict anaphylaxis 
  2. Allergic reactions get worse with each reaction 
  3. Only children who have had a history of anaphylaxis need an adrenaline autoinjector 
  4. Antihistamines can treat anaphylaxis if given as soon as a reaction happens 
  5. Adrenaline is dangerous 


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Teaching videos for lessons in schools


We have put a collection of educational videos together which you may find useful when discussing allergy topics in the classroom.

The video shown describes what it’s like to live with an allergy from a child’s point of view. Play the video in a lesson to help peers develop an understanding of how an allergy can affect people emotionally not just physically.

Material from bbc.co.uk – reproduced by kind permission of the BBC.

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