My child has been prescribed an adrenaline auto-injector: what happens when they are in the playground or on the sports field?

Government guidance advises that adrenaline auto-injectors must:

  • Be accessible at all times, in a safe and suitably central location e.g. school office or staffroom
  • NOT be locked away in a cupboard or kept in an office where access is restricted.

AAIs should not be located more than 5 minutes away from where they may be needed. So larger schools may need to have an Emergency Anaphylaxis kit near the central dining area, and another near the playground.

In general, children – particularly in secondary schools – should keep their own AAI(s) on their person, and may be asked to bring the AAI(s) with them during sport activities etc. These issues should be covered by the school’s policy relating to the management of medicines.

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