How many AAIs should my child have at school?

The Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) recommends that those prescribed AAIs should have TWO devices available, at all times.

Ideally, pupils – particularly those in secondary schools – should be encouraged to be independent and keep their own prescribed AAIs with them at all times. This can also be done with most primary school-aged children, although for the youngest children, AAIs should either be kept in the cIassroom or in a safe and suitably central and accessible location nearby. AAIs should not be located more than 5 minutes away from where they may be needed.

Schools will often request AAIs are kept on site during term time, as pupils/families can forget to bring their own AAI(s) into school. However, children at risk of anaphylaxis should always have access to AAI(s), so you’ll need to ensure AAI(s) are available on the journey to/from school.

Healthcare professionals may need to prescribe more than 2 AAIs to school-aged children: one or two AAIs to be kept near/with the pupil at all times, and a further AAI held centrally on the school premises where this is requested by the school.

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