Can the “spare” AAI(s) be used in any child who has anaphylaxis?

The school’s “spare” AAI(s) should only be used on pupils known to be at risk of anaphylaxis, and for whom both medical authorisation and written parental consent for use of the spare AAI has been provided. This includes children who have not been prescribed their own AAI, so long as the school has medical authorisation and parent/guardian consent.

The British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology (BSACI) has produced a range of Allergy Plans which can be used for this purpose, and can be downloaded here. All children with a diagnosis of food allergy and at risk of anaphylaxis should have a written Allergy Management Plan.

The school’s spare AAI(s) can be administered to a pupil whose own prescribed AAI cannot be given correctly without delay.

If a pupil has anaphylaxis but does not have the necessary approvals in place for them to receive the “spare” AAI:

  • Immediately call 999 and seek advice
  • If spare AAIs are available, tell this to the call handler/emergency medical dispatcher, as they can authorise use of the spare AAI if appropriate.
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